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Paul McQuade

Paul McQuade is an award-winning writer and translator originally from Glasgow, Scotland. Since leaving Glasgow he has lived in Edinburgh, Tokyo, New York, and Paris. He is currently somewhere in-between. His work has been shortlisted for The White Review Prize and The Bridport Prize. He was the recipient of the Sceptre Prize for New Writing 2014, the Master’s Review Award 2015, and the Austrian Cultural Forum Writing Prize.

He is the author of Hometown Tales: Glasgow, with Kirsty Logan, part of Weidenfeld & Nicolson’s series championing writing from and about diverse regions across the U.K. His debut story collection, Between Tongues, is forthcoming.

He is represented by Andrew Nurnberg Associates.




Hometown Tales: Glasgow

In these pages on Glasgow, you’ll find two unique memoirs. ‘The Old Asylum in the Woods’ is an intimate account of growing up in the shadow of Woodilee Hospital by author of The Gracekeepers and The Gloaming, Kirsty Logan. ‘A Glasgow Sang’ is a deeply personal journey on foot through the city, from Kelvin Way Bridge to George Square to the statue of La Pasionaria, by Paul McQuade


Out There: An Anthology of Scottish LGBT Writing

In the year that Scotland voted on independence from the rest of the UK, Zoe Strachan edited a definitive anthology of prose writing from Scotland's leading and emerging gay writers, including the likes of Ali Smith, Louise Welsh, Jackie Kay, Ronald Frame, Toni Davidson and many others. Paul McQuade contributes ‘Per Aspera ad Astra’.


Between Tongues

Paul McQuade’s debut story collection, forthcoming. More information soon.



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